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Vector Prime's Acolyte handles most of the day-to-day duties in his temple when Vector is otherwise occupied. Which is...most of the time. He's difficult to pin down. However, those seeking an audience with him can rely on the Acolyte to relay the request.

Feel free to RP out the contact, or to simply give a summary.
[An acolyte waits at each of the bridges leading into Vector Prime's temple, ready to receive those that approach from any direction. The one that greets you simply nods and gestures at you to follow before leading the way inside.

Despite the warm and bright exterior of the temple, the select corridors the Acolyte leads you through gradually darken; only the faint lights of the drone and increasingly-spaced blue crystals lining the walls light the way. It is a long and silent walk, broken only by footfalls and the quiet grind of hidden gears, ever turning. Eventually, you reach a giant doorway, lined by the same blue lights and covered in a barely-discernible cog-and-gear motif. The Acolyte pushes the vast doors open and bows, gesturing you inside.

After the darkness of the halls, it make take your sight a few moments to adjust. While still dark, the core of Vector Prime's innermost sanctum is a kaleidoscope of colors and lights. They glow bright and warm, dazzling to behold, and the depth throws off the senses as they cover every surface, 'ceiling' and 'floor' included. You feel like you float over an abyss, barely able to feel whatever ground you are stepping on. They seem to exist in more than the usual dimensions, and the doorway - and whatever wall it may have been attached to - has vanished from sight.

All in all, it is very disconcerting. Almost like being in space...

Should you attempt to touch them your hands pass through harmlessly, like a warm breeze, without any impact on the lights themselves. Are the lights a map of the local star clusters? Galaxies? Without asking, it is impossible to tell.

Vector Prime awaits you in what is the 'center' of the room as best as you can tell, standing on starlight and distinguishable only by the glow of his optics and Time-drive. Even as he watches the seemingly infinite lights slowly revolve around him, Vector welcomes you beside him if you approach.]

As you have likely observed, a Time of change is upon us.

It cannot be avoided, and has been postponed long enough. Our own recent battle - and yours - is proof enough of that. We must depart, or all could fall into Chaos.

Unfortunately for you and your fellows, it will leave you somewhat vulnerable, but we have done what we could to prepare you all for this moment.

For the time being, the greatest help we can provide is in information. Any questions you may yet have, you may ask.

I will answer what I can.


The conversation will continue on from this point depending on how you respond below. Goa will be around to answer this log until the 25th of January, at which point anything not wrapped up will be summarized. Regardless of what turns the topic takes, Vector Prime has a gift for his aligned:

It seems to be a simple pocket watch.

It has a number of smaller faces and sub-dials, all displaying separate times and traveling at different rates. A click of the winding-crown allows you to rotate through them, bringing them to the fore and setting them as the primary time. But what do they even mean? It will take some questions and a lot of guesswork to figure them all out.

One is set for Cybertron, of course.

Some sub-dials track the motions of the local moons and stars, especially Luna 1 and 2.

Another, one that never seems to move at all (except for those rare occasions you might 'go to sleep' and gain new memories of your homeworld) is forever set at the time you left.

Another seems to be a timer; incidentally measuring the time you've been displaced from your own time and universe. Interesting to note is these times seem to change should someone else handle your watch...

They are all very interesting, but more of a novelty, really. It even seems to need winding! Not very useful at all.

Except for one final, important feature.

The watch opens on both sides. One side with the time-keeping faces, and the other exposing what appears to be an unpolished mirror that never shows your face. If you attempt to wind the watch with the mirror exposed, it clears...and shows a scene. Of what you were doing five minutes ago. Further winding, ten minutes ago.

An hour.

A day.

A year.

Your entire life, rewound and on display, for all it's triumphs and disappointments, embarrassments and bittersweet visions of the people you've left behind. A particularly private person might want to keep this well-hidden...

You can try to dial forward, past the current point in time...but it's not recommended. The first time you try, you'll wake up flat on your back, vision flickering with painful whiteness. You'll probably get the foreboding feeling that you just tried to see something you should not. Repeated attempts will only make it worse.

How you discover all of this is up to you...


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